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  We often see different brands of 18650 lithium battery, with capacity of 2200mAh ,3000 mAh , 4000mAh , or even 5000 mAh ; red or blue. So, does the capacity really have that much?Lets have a simple test. We have the most common 4 batteries in the market:Ppower Pbe 2600mah,XXXXXfire 3000mah,XXXXXfire 4000mah,Unknown brand 5000mah1. First of all, we completely discharge 4 batteries2. Insert the batteries into the charger3. After 3-5 hours, 4 batteries are completely charged4. LCD display will show the actual capacity it charged for the battery (normally there will be 50-100 mAh discrepancy)The results show:Ppower claims capacity...

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